Right of withdrawal

§1 Definition and scope of the consumer term

Consumers have a right of withdrawal in accordance with the modalities set out below. It should be noted that the term “consumer” includes any natural person who enters into a legal transaction with the intention that its main purpose cannot be assigned to either the commercial or independent professional activity of this person:

§2 Exercise of the right of withdrawal and deadlines

(1) The period for exercising the right of withdrawal extends to 30 days, calculated from the time at which you or a third party commissioned by you who does not act as a carrier have acquired physical possession of the last delivered goods.

(2) Given that our company relies on a fully automated system, orders are processed immediately after they are registered. It is therefore not possible for us to interrupt the manufacturing and shipping process until delivery. Unfortunately, a refund before receipt of the goods is not possible.

(3) To exercise your right of withdrawal, you are required to notify us (email: widerruf@kowloon-fashion-line.com ) of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clear declaration (by post, email or - as recommended by us - by means of the withdrawal form ). It is of crucial importance that you provide us with all the necessary information listed in the withdrawal form . The withdrawal is deemed to have been completed as soon as we have received the physical goods, then the information from the withdrawal form has been received by us and the return has been checked and approved by us. The costs for returning the goods are borne by the buyer if the conditions for free return shipping are not met.

§3 Notes on the return address

The address provided on the delivered package is not an accepted return address. Packages returned to this address cannot be processed by us and are therefore not refundable or exchangeable. Therefore, please be sure to follow the procedure outlined in the three steps (click here for the three steps) to use the correct return address. 

§4 Clarification regarding transit times, automated shipping process and conditions for early refunds

(1) Given that our products originate and are produced in Asia, we would like to point out that there may be extended transit times that are beyond our control. Due to the implementation of a fully automated system, the processing of orders is initiated immediately after they are recorded. As a result, it is not possible for us to interrupt the production and shipping process until delivery, which is why a refund will not be considered before receipt of the goods. You are requested to accept the goods and then send them back to us.

(2) If the goods have not been delivered, an early refund must be considered at the earliest 16 weeks after receipt of the order.

§5 Repayment modalities and conditions in the event of cancellation

(1) In the event of an effective cancellation of this contract, we will refund all payments made by you promptly and at the latest within fourteen days. This begins on the day on which we received your express cancellation notice and the physical goods. This notification can be made either via the cancellation form provided or by email containing all the necessary information.

(2) For non-reduced items we use the same payment method for repayment that you used in the original transaction, unless a different method of payment was expressly agreed with you. You will not be charged any additional fees for this repayment.

(3) Reduced items, however, will only be refunded to your Barbara Mode credit account. If you do not have a credit account, we will automatically set one up for you and provide you with a code. With this you can use the refunded amount for a new purchase from us. No additional fees will be charged to you for this repayment. It is recommended to create an account on our website to get a better overview of refunds and credits. However, this is optional. Our customer service will inform you of the status of your credit account at any time upon request.

§6 Free return shipping

(1) On all orders, we grant the buyer the right to free return shipping.

(2) Due to existing contractual relationships with our suppliers, it is currently not possible for us to provide a prepaid return label. In such cases, the buyer is obligated to cover the initial return shipping costs.

(3) The buyer has the option of having the shipping costs incurred fully reimbursed. To do this, he must send us proof of the costs incurred in the form of a receipt. This receipt must be sent digitally to the email address widerruf@kowloon-fashion-line.com.

(4) After successful verification of the receipt and receipt of the returned goods, the refund will be made in the form of a credit to the buyer's Barbara Mode credit account.

(5) Through this regulation, we ensure that the buyer does not incur any additional return shipping costs if the criterion stated in paragraph (1) is met.

§7 Return procedure and guidelines to facilitate the process

(1) It should be noted that only items that are in the original packaging and show no signs of use will be considered for a refund or exchange.

(2) In the first step, the customer bears the costs for the return himself, but these will be refunded by us after successful return and under the conditions of §6 "Free returns". It is strongly recommended that the return be provided with a tracking number to minimize the risk of the shipment being lost. In the event of a package lost without tracking, we cannot guarantee a refund for the item or return shipping costs.

(3) Refunds will be made within a maximum period of 14 days after receipt of the returned goods, provided they are in the same condition as they were originally sent to the customer.

(4) We cannot guarantee that the return shipment will arrive undamaged. It is strongly recommended that you send it to us using tracking.

Customer-centric business practices and continuous service optimization

Although we, as a company based in Hong Kong, are not legally required to grant a right of withdrawal, our corporate mission is manifested in the tireless commitment to offer our valued customers excellent service. Against this background, we grant you the right of withdrawal subject to the conditions set out above.

We continually strive to optimize our service and aim to further simplify the returns process in the foreseeable future. Our goal is to provide all our customers with free returns under environmentally friendly conditions. However, implementing these measures requires both time and financial resources, which we currently lack as an aspiring sustainable fashion brand with high production costs.

We would like to thank our customers for their understanding and assure us that we are continually striving to implement improvements. Our customers and their satisfaction are our top priority, which is why we feel obliged to always communicate transparently and openly about our business practices.