Size Chart

Size Chest circumference Taillenumfang Hip circumference
XS (32/34) 74 - 81 cm 60 - 65 cm 84 - 91 cm
S (36/38) 82 - 89 cm 66 - 69 cm 92 - 98 cm
M (40/42) 90 - 97 cm 70 - 77 cm 99 - 104 cm
L (44/46) 98 - 107 cm 78 - 85 cm 105 - 112 cm
XL (48/50) 108 - 119 cm 86 - 95 cm 113 - 121 cm
XXL (52/54) 120 - 131 cm 96 - 108 cm 122 - 132 cm



Size guide

To find the right size for blouses, dresses or blazers, follow these steps:
  1. Prepare a piece of paper, a pen and a tape measure.
  2. Measure these body measurements: height, chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference.
  3. Write down the measurements and compare them with measurement tables.


For jackets, you also measure the sleeve length.
You also need this for corsetry and bras
Underbust circumference and cup size. The shoe size results
from the length of the foot.

Determine size: Instructions

Prepare a flexible tape measure, tight-fitting underwear
and a full-length mirror. Allow yourself to be measured
best help from a friend.

  1. Height: Stand barefoot against a door frame,
    mark your height and measure the distance.
  2. Chest circumference: Measure at chest height and eighth
    on relaxed breathing.
  3. Underbust circumference: Measure directly under the breast,
    without cutting.
  4. Waist circumference: Measure at belly button height,
    without inclination.
  5. Hip circumference: Measure the strongest part of the upper body.
  6. Sleeve length: Measure from shoulder to wrist.
  7. Inseam length: Measure the inner leg length or on one
    matching trousers.
  8. Foot length: Draw the outline of the foot on paper
    and measure from heel to toe.

After you have taken all the measurements,
compare them with measurement tables and choose the right size.

Measurement table for women's outerwear

Maßtabelle Oberbekleidung

The Babara fashion size chart shows chest, waist and
Hip circumference and assigns them to normal, short and long sizes.

Find your size: Compare your measurements with the columns and choose the appropriate row. For example, if your chest measurement is 85 centimeters, find the line "82 - 86". Then select the column that corresponds to your height. Regular sizes are for 165 to 172 centimeters, short sizes for under 165 centimeters and long sizes for over 172 centimeters.


Measurement table for trousers and jeans